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Caught My Sight gives you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent. With many other artists uploading their artworks from all over the world, caught my sight provides you a platform to compete with other artists and climb up the leaderboard. Artworks that stand out from the rest will be featured in our special segment known as spotlight and with every artwork up there, you will climb a step up on the leaderboard. So let the world recognize the artist in you.

1. Upload the images of your artwork using the form given below.
2. Acceptable file formats are jpeg, jpg, rar and zip.
3. You can use this form to upload single as well as multiple images. To upload multiple images, you need to send them into rar or zip file formats. Max file size should not be more than 50mb.
4. Additional details of the image i.e. image description, image tags, title, image caption will
5. Image should have all its EXIF info intact so that we can authenticate the work.
6. Images will be optimized for better performance and all the EXIF details will be removed once it is uploaded on the website. However some EXIF information will be added separately in the image details.
7. Before uploading it on the website, the image will be verified first. You will be notified via email once your image is uploaded on the website.

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