4 Quick Tips on How to Watermark your Images

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4 Quick Tips on How to Watermark Your Images

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Watermarks are often used by photographers for two main reasons: marketing and theft protection. But, if not carefully placed watermark can act as a distracting visual element that can cover up important elements of the image and may deviate the attention of the viewer. Therefore, it becomes even more critical to know the right technique to place a watermark. Here are 4 quick tips you must keep in mind while placing a watermark on your image.

Quick Tips

1. If you want to watermark your image, you should not overdo it. Your image should still shine as the dominant element.

2. Your watermark should be subtle with low opacity and should not interfere with the subject of the image. Placing it at any of the corners of the image will be an ideal choice. Observe the placement of the watermark at the bottom left corner in the image below.

Subtle Watermark Example

3. Watermark can also be hidden somewhere in the image where it is not easily visible or in some cases can even appear as part of the image. Watch closely at the right side of the bumper to view the watermark in the image below.

Hidden Watermark Example

4. Watermarks can even be placed outside the image if marketing is the sole purpose of the watermark.

Outside Frame Watermark Example

I hope these quick tips would help you to perfectly place your watermark on your images without compromising on its appearance. On a personal note, I would just like to add that before watermarking your images do take into account that you have paid for the software you are using to watermark. You need to first respect others hard work and only then can you expect the same from others. Ultimately, we should all be striving for our work to be so unique that it doesn’t even require a watermark for an individual to recognize it.

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