Behind The Scenes Compilation of Classic Wedding Photographs

Have you ever seen those jaw dropping wedding photographs? Ever wondered how that beautiful piece of art was compiled? When it comes to wedding photography, photographers are hired to capture anything and everything just as perfectly as possible to preserve the wonderful moments of this special day. Here is a compilation of behind the scenes images of wedding photo shoots that might look funny but the end result will shock you.

4 Quick Tips on How to Watermark your Images

If not carefully placed watermark can act as a distracting visual element that can cover up important elements of the image and may deviate the attention of the viewer. Therefore, it becomes even more critical to know the right technique to place a watermark. Here are 4 quick tips you must keep in mind while placing a watermark on your image.

15 Epic Wedding Photo Fails

From cake dropping to awkward face paints, from wardrobe malfunctions to photobombing by animals, things can go wrong in a number of ways. Here is a collection of 15 epic wedding photo fails which the bride and the groom will never want to see again.

8 Mind Boggling Photos of Dogs Underwater

Dogs are man's best friend, they love to play around with us and have some fun, and whats better than doing it by playing their favorite game "Fetch". From towering Tibetan Mastiff to cowardly Chiwawa, every dog just loves to play fetch but till what extent will they go to fetch the ball?

To Watermark or Not to Watermark your Images

Have you ever seen little pictures or text on images that shows the photographer's name or website? Those are called watermarks. Watermarks are often used by photographers for two main reasons: marketing and theft protection. But with every advantage comes a disadvantage. Watermark can act as a distracting visual element that can cover up important elements of the image and may deviate the attention of the viewer.

10 Quotes that will make you feel proud to be a Photographer

Photography is often considered as a thankless job. It is one of those professions which is under-appreciated by our society. Being a photographer is not easy, it requires a lot of practice, patience and dedication apart from visualizing angles and gathering those technical skills to get that perfect shot. We have scoured the Internet and compiled some of the most amazing quotes which will delight you and make you feel proud to be a photographer.

15 Quotes that will make you fall in Love with Photography

Photographers throughout history have produced some incredible images that have stood the test of time, but it’s not only their amazing work that we love. If a photograph says a thousand words, then “The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated in quotations”. Here is a collection of 15 hand-picked quotations that will surely make you fall in love with photography.